PDFs are the most popular way of sending and receiving all kinds of documents The features that PDF readers have, make the content consumption more enjoyable. Having said that there are times when you have to make edits to the PDF. When it is required to edit those documents, it becomes a herculean task.

So, now the question is how can you convert PDF to Word online? Some of the sure shot options you can take into consideration to Convert PDF to Word Files on Windows are mentioned below –

1. Convert PDF To Word File Using Google Docs

Convert PDF To Word File Using Google Docs

Chances of someone not having gmail account are miniscule. You can throw in your PDF file in your Google Drive and then work magic all your way to transform PDF to Word, hassle free!

  • Right click on the PDF file that you wish to convert
  • Choose Open With > Google Docs. You now have the file where you can make all the edits in the world that you want
  • Once you are through with the edits, click on File> Download > Microsoft word (.docx)

Note: If a PDF file is password protected you will not be able to transform that PDF to Word as it might not even open in the first place.

2. Transform PDF To Word Online – ILovePDF

Transform PDF To Word Online - ILovePDF

Source: ilovepdf.com

Do you love free services? An online PDF to word converter is the easiest route you can take to change PDF to Word free of cost. And, ILovePDF is one of the best online PDF to word converters –

  • Visit Ilovepdf
  • Next, select a PDF file by clicking on the Select PDF file or drop a PDF file onto the place marked as drop PDF here
  • Click on Convert to WORD at the bottom on the left hand side and within seconds the PDF file will be converted to Word format

Again, if your PDF is password protected, you will first have to enter the password and only then will you able to Change PDF to Word. It also has a premium version which helps convert PDFs that have non selectable texts to Word files.

3. Change PDF To Word Using A Software – PDFElement

Change PDF To Word Using A Software - PDFElement

If there is one PDF to word file converter that can make PDF to Word conversion easy breezy, it has to be PDFElement and it in fact empowers teams of some of the biggest brands on Earth.Things might get a little pricey after you have converted five pages.

But hey! for a converter that can change PDF to Word online in an ocean of formats and offer several other features, this tool is a  bang for your buck . Just drag any of your PDF files and you will not have any difficulties in changing them to DOC, RTF or even DOCX.

4. Convert PDF to Word File Using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Convert PDF to Word File Using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

If you wish to convert PDF to Word online, this possibly could be your best and the most trusted bet. Although this is not a free option and you will have to pay approximately $14 annually for the subscription (this is an approximate cost).  To transform PDF to Word,open the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Then, select the PDF file that you wish to convert to Word format.  Now, click on the Export button. You will then be asked a location where you wish to save this file. And, that’s it! You have successfully converted PDF to Word File online.

To Wrap Up

How frequently are you required to change texts in PDF? If converting PDF to Word is a task that’s making you restless, making you sweat, time to wipe the sweat off your forehead because the above mentioned ways could just be what you need. You’ll probably have to never look back again!

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Given how popular both PDF and Microsoft World document file formats are, you’d think there would be a super simple way to convert PDFs to Word documents on macOS straight from the PDF file itself. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly the case.

The main benefit of turning a PDF into a Word file is that it makes it easy to edit and format in Microsoft Word. When you’re done editing it in Word, you can always convert it back to a PDF file via the Export function under the File tab.

To convert your PDF to a Word file, you’ll need to use some extra tools. Here are three different ways to do it.

How to Convert PDF to Word Files Using A Free Web-Based Tool

The easiest and fastest way to convert a PDF to a Word file that you can open on your Mac is by simply taking advantage of one of the many free web-based converter tools that are out there. There are lots of them out there, but for this article, we’ll be using Smallpdf.

Smallpdf’s PDF to Word converter tool is free to use but offers many more tools and features with its premium plans. Two plans are available at $8 a month on the web or $12 a month on the desktop and web (plus a 14-day free trial for both plans).

  1. Open the Finder on your Mac, navigate to the folder where your PDF is saved, select the PDF file and drag it into the blue space on the web page.

    Alternatively, select Choose File in the blue space on the web page to open a file upload window, select the PDF file from the appropriate folder and then click Open.

    If your PDF file is stored in your Google Drive account or your Dropbox account, you can click From Google Drive or From Dropbox in the lower right corner of the blue space to open Google Drive/Dropbox and select the file directly from your account to upload it.

    It might take several seconds or longer for the conversion progress to be completed depending on the size of your file and your internet connection.

  2. After the conversion is finished, select the down arrow beside the file name to instantly download it as a DOCX file.

You can also select the envelope icon to generate a link on the web, the Dropbox icon to save it to your Dropbox account, or the Google Drive icon to save it to your Google Drive account.

How to Convert PDF to Word Files Using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for Mac

It turns out that it’s possible to covert a PDF to a Word file directly from the PDF document itself — but only if you’re using a premium Adobe Acrobat Pro DC plan. This plan offers a complete PDF solution for both Windows and Mac starting at $15 a month with a seven-day free trial.

We’ll be using the free trial version of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC in the following steps.

  1. Click the blue Start free trial button followed by the Get started button.

  2. On the following page, enter your email address into the field labeled Enter your email and then use the dropdown list to select the plan you’d like to sign up for (monthly, prepaid annual, or annual paid monthly).

    Click the blue Continue button when you’re done.

    Don’t worry, you won’t be charged until your seven-day trial is up. If you just want to test it out, you can cancel the plan before the seven-day trial is up to avoid being charged.

  3. On the following page, create/sign into your Adobe account by entering your password.

  4. Enter your payment information on the next page and then click the blue Start free trial button.

  5. Once your payment information has been accepted, click the blue Get started button.

  6. Acrobat Pro DC will begin downloading to your Mac. Once the download is complete, double click on the downloaded file to start the installation and follow the instructions.

  7. When the Acrobat Pro DC Installer window appears, enter your email and password and then click the blue Sign in button.

  8. Answer the questions that Acrobat DC asks you, using the dropdown list to provide your answers. Click the blue Continue button when you’re done.

  9. Click the blue Start Installing button. The installation might take several minutes.

  10. Once the installation is complete, the Acrobat Pro DC application will automatically open. Select the Open File button to select the PDF file from a folder on your Mac.

  11. In the vertical menu on the right of your PDF file, select Export PDF.

  12. On the next page, make sure that the Microsoft Word option is highlighted in blue. Optionally select the gear icon to make adjustments to your DOCX settings.

  13. Click the blue Export button and then use the next window to choose where you want to save it on your Mac by clicking the recent folder suggested or the blue Choose a Different Folder… button.

  14. Optionally rename the file and click Save. Once the conversion is complete, the file will automatically open in Word.

If you don’t want to pay for Acrobat Pro DC after your free trial is up, you can cancel your plan by navigating to account.adobe.com/plans, signing into your account, navigating to the Plans tab, clicking Manage plan and then clicking Cancel plan on the following page.

How to Convert PDF to Word Files Using An Existing Application on Your Mac

The final method involves using an application that comes already installed on Mac computers called Automator. This application is used to help you automate certain tasks by creating workflows.

Although it won’t convert PDF files directly to DOC or DOCX file formats, you can use Automator to save PDFs as Rich Text files (TXT), which you can then use to open in Word.

The following instructions apply to Macs running on macOS 10.4 or later.

  1. Select your Applications folder to open it.

  2. Select the Automator application, marked by the robot image.

  3. In the window that asks you to choose a type for your document, select Workflow and then click Choose.

  4. In the vertical column farthest to the left side of the window, select Files & Folders.

  5. Now in the vertical column in the middle, click on Ask for Finder Items and drag it into the open space to the right of it. You’ll see a new box appear inside of it.

  6. Now go back to the column farthest to the left again and select PDFs.

  7. In the vertical column in the middle, click on Extract PDF Text and drag it again into the open space to the right of it, beneath the other box. Another box will appear.

  8. In the Extract PDF Text box, select Rich Text instead of Plain Text for the Output.

  9. Click File > Save to give your newly created workflow a name and select the File Format dropdown list to select Application instead of Workflow. Then you can save it anywhere you want on your Mac.

  10. Go to the folder where you just saved the workflow app and double click on it. (It should appear as a robot icon.)

    A file opening window will pop up.

  11. Select your PDF file and then click Choose. The PDF file will automatically be converted and saved as a Rich Text document in the same folder where the original PDF file was saved.

  12. Right click on the newly created Rich Text document, hover your cursor over Open With and select Word.

Whenever you want to convert a PDF to a Word file, you can use the workflow application you created in the above steps. Consider keeping it on your computer so you don’t have to create a new one every time you want to convert a PDF to a Word file.

Mini Site Mudah

Salam Kecemerlangan Rakan-Rakan Sekalian,

Kali ini saya ingin berkongsi satu tool yang paling berbaloi-baloi dimiliki oleh semua Internet Marketer Di Malaysia.

Ramai yang bertanya, mana nak cari sistem  mini site mudah yang boleh menguruskan   jualan di internet secara automatik?

Di internet sekarang pelbagai sistem yang kita boleh jumpa, tetapi tak menepati kehendak kebanyakkan pengguna atau Internet Markerter di Malaysia. Ada sistem yang sangat bagus, tetapi terlebih canggih, takut pelanggan tak pandai nak beli atau buat tempahan pulak.

Maka, cari punya cari saya terjumpa satu penyelesaian yang MUDAH!

Nama sistem pun sepadan dengan kehendak kebanyakkan penguna, nak tau apa nama sistem tu? Ianya adalah….


Mini Site Mudah

Mini Site Mudah

Saya dah review, test demo, nampaknya inilah sistem Mini Site yang Mudah, Cepat dan berkesan!

Dan kini saya merupakan salah seorang pelanggan dan pengguna tegar Sistem Mini Site Mudah untuk mempromosikan produk-produk saya.

Klik-klik, isi borang je, siap dah Mini Site atau Web Jualan kita. Canggih, Mudah, serius wa cakap lu

Ianya juga lengkap dengan arahan Step By Step bagaimana untuk mengisi setiap seksyen yang diperlukan dalam Mini Site Mudah untuk produk yang ingin di promosikan..

Inilah sistem yang dicari-cari selama ni, akhirnya menjadi kenyataan!

Patutlah selama ni tak jumpa, sebab sistem ni baru diterbitkan pada tahun 2012 ni, tak dilancarkan secara rasmi lagi pun… tetapi dah ramai pengguna menggunakan Sistem Mini site Mudah ni.

Untuk maklumat lanjut, sahabat boleh kunjungi web berkenaan disini:


Atau lihat video ini:-

Walaupun masih baru, tak sampai setahun jagung pun lagi sistem ni, tapi ramai yang dah guna, dah rasmikan pun web jualan masing-masing.

So far, nampak respon/testimoni pengguna-pengguna, pelanggan semuanya positif. Otai-otai IM di Malaysia pun dah ramai gunakan rupanya, diam-diam je diorang ni..

Buat duit riban-riban, tak pening kepala nak fikir koding2, design Mini Site, guna Mini Site Mudah ni utk mudahkan uruskan web jualan, tempahan dan pengurusan pelanggan mereka.

Tak ramai lagi yang kongsikan rahsia ni, cari kat forum pun tak banyak lagi yang dok promote Mini Site Mudah ni.. diorang nak rahsiakan ke benda baik macam ni? Ntah ler…

So saya kongsikan pada sahabat rahsia yang masih lagi rahsia, orang belum kecoh-kecoh lagi lagi pasal Mini Site mudah ni, sebelum tokey dia naikkan harga, baik korang dapatkan sekarang…

Tunggu apa lagi?

Klik sini untuk ke laman web rasmi Mini Site Mudah–> http://www.MiniSiteMudah.com/


Mini Site Mudah
Last Reviewed by Mohd Tarmizion October 17 2012
Rating: 4.5

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Banyak laman web e-dagang telah menambah sokongan live chat untuk memberikan jawapan pada masa realiti daripada melihat pelanggan meninggalkan laman web mereka begitu sahaja. Masa yang diluangkan untuk berbual dengan seorang pakar khidmat pelanggan bukan sahaja membina keyakinan pelanggan dalam pengalaman membeli-belah mereka, tetapi juga membantu untuk meningkatkan kadar conversion anda. Menurut kaji selidik pengguna internet di Amerika, 68% terlibat dalam live chat dan 63% lebih suka untuk kembali ke laman web yang mempunyai live chat untuk pembelian berulang.

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