The first thing you need to do when you’re thinking about starting an Amazon affiliate store is choose a niche to focus on.

This method is so much easier than the micro niche method that used to work years ago, because it doesn’t involve hours upon hours of researching products, affiliate networks, and keyword tools. You just pick a niche and go.

Okay, so it does involve SOME research, but the research is faster and easier using this method, and using a few free tools you can complete this in an hour or less in most cases.

The first thing to do is figure out a niche that has voracious buyers but NOT a ton of competition. This is the toughest part, because most markets with voracious buyers are insanely competitive. (Some competition is good, but too much competition makes your job much harder.)

Golf, for example, is a popular niche for internet marketers to get into. This is especially true for beginners. Yes, golfers do tend to have excess income to spend. Yes, they do tend to spend a good chunk of that excess income on their hobby. But because pretty much everyone knows this, competition is ridiculous. There are just too many established golf websites for the average marketers to compete.

Is it possible to compete? Absolutely. But unless you are extremely good at marketing and/or have a huge budget for advertising and content creation, you’re not likely to make a whole lot of headway in this niche. It’s just far too over-saturated.

A great idea is focusing on a broad interest group rather than a more competitive niche. Take a look at for example. They have a niche—passive income—but it’s broad enough that they have a huge number of topics they can focus on within the freelance marketplace, which also gives them a broader range of products they can promote.

Because there are so many individual topics under the passive income umbrella, virtually anyone can compete in this particular niche. People who enjoy this type of content typically frequent multiple passive income websites, and those users are easy to access because they are prevalent on Pinterest and other social websites.

Another good example of this sort is ( Under the study notes niche they can deal with a whole lot of topics for different user bases.

This is the type of niche you should try to locate. You want something broad—but not too broad—with voracious buyers and fans that are easy to locate.

Some examples include:

• DIY, crafts, home improvement, gardening, etc.
• Prepping, survival, outdoor skills
• Model building (cars, ships, airplanes, etc.)
• Various careers
• Pets (specific breeds, or types)

The great thing about this method is that if you discover one aspect of a particular niche isn’t working for you, it’s easy to switch to another one as long as you get a domain that covers the whole, broad niche.

For example, if you decided to market to model builders and want to focus on model cars, you might want to register a domain like instead of so you can branch out into planes and ships later. (I’m sure those domains are taken, I’m just using them as a basic example.)

Worst case scenario, if you create a large amount of custom content in a niche and it doesn’t pan out the way you hope, you could sell the website or articles to someone else in the niche to recoup some of the costs you incurred, and probably make a good profit.

For this system to work really well, you need to be sure you’ve got a niche that:

1) People are talking about: Online discussions & social shares
2) Is profitable: People are buying the product they’re talking about

If you want to be SURE you’ve chosen the right niche then it’s really all about the numbers. Numbers make sure you’re not making a decision based on emotion, it’s either going to be profitable. Or it isn’t.

ShopABot has a finely tuned product search algorithm that shows you that information, without having to know anything about numbers and calculations. It just gives you the winning niches to start out with the right foundation.

Visit ShopABot here to see how easy and profitable Amazon affiliate marketing can be with the right tools: ShopABot.Com

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Im a part time internet marketer, Online Seller, Offline Seller, and Creative Advertiser Implementer. Feel free to contact me for free consultations to improve your business.

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