Description: Download or Save your Friend’s WhatsApp Status Video and WhatsApp Stories Photos to Android Phone’s Gallery.


Do you want to save your friend’s status videos or photos in your android gallery? If yes, this post is specially for you. In this post, we will not use any third party app to download WhatsApp status. However, there are dozens of applications exist in play store that lets you download your friend’s status stories in your gallery. WhatsApp updates its application very frequently and recently they have added a new feature in their stories by which you can write with different font color and style along with colorful background. You can also use text formatting bold, italic or strikethrough in your WhatsApp conversation. WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to use color text or different font style while chatting with your friends. If you are a regular reader of this blog you already knew it that how you can write color text or change font style in WhatsApp during contact’s conversation.

Lets comeback to this post save WhatsApp status stories, we will just use file manager to browse the status videos and photos. WhatsApp doesn’t want you to see your friend’s stories videos and photos in your gallery so by default they have hidden this folder while making the app updates. We will just search the hidden folder and use it to copy friend’s stories videos and photos and paste it to local storage then you will directly see it in your android gallery. Therefore, here is a quick guide to save WhatsApp status videos and photos.

how to save whatsapp status images and videos

How to Download/Save WhatsApp Status Videos and Photos

  • Firstly, we need a file manager by which you can reach to your WhatsApp folder. You also have to enable show hidden files and folders. If you can enable hidden files you can do it with your inbuilt file manager otherwise my recommendation is use ES file Explorer file manager which has many features and it works for all android devices.
  • Now, go to your WhatsApp and tap on the status. Just watch your friend’s status that you want to download/save in order to make a temporarily file.
  • Now open your file manager (ES Explorer).
    how to view whatsapp stories

    Open menu ( by clicking on menu button at top left corner or slide left to right from left), scroll down the menu and enable ‘Show hidden files’ as shown in the above screenshot.

  • Now get out of from the menu, you’ll see the home page. Select internal or external storage in which your WhatsApp installed (or you can check both storage).
    selecting whatsapp storage
  • Now go to WhatsApp -> Media -> .Status
    how to get whatsapp status videos and photos
  • Once you open .Status folder, you will see here your friend’s latest WhatsApp status videos and photos that you can simply copy here and paste to other folders. Then you can view it from your phone’s gallery.
    how to save whatsapp status videos and photos

You have successfully downloaded/saves your friend’s WhatsApp status video and photos to your phone’s galley without using any third party app. If you want more WhatsApp tips and tricks, you may subscribe us. Please don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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